SQUARE enables you to find and create events locally

Looking for something to do on a Friday evening? Had dinner with friends and not ready for the night to end? Sign up for free and browse events to find out what's going on near you. Register your interests to only see events which are relevant to you and avoid things you don't care about.

Are you organising an awesome event and want to make sure that people hear about it? Do you regularly host events but end up with a disappointing turnout? Anyone can create an event, from a massive concert to amateur theatre to a tramping trip over the weekend. Create an event for free and add keywords so that it shows up to people who are interested.

How does it work?

To start discovering events on SQUARE just follow these three easy steps (or just start discovering straight away!):

1. Sign up
2. Search for what you're interested in (e.g. #music #sports #studentevents #family ...)
3. Start discovering!

We have a wide range of events to cover all interests, and the list is growing constantly!  


Create an event

Creating an event is easy, free, and open to everyone! University clubs, professional theatres, bars with occasional live music or individuals who want to organise a local activity are just some of the groups which create events on Square.

Feel free to create an event by clicking on the button below, or get in touch with hello@townsquare.co if you have any questions.